Find out the problems users are facing on Nothing Phone 1

Just a few days ago the new smartphone brand Nothing Phone 1 was released. This new smartphone brand became very viral soon after its release. There is a lot of enthusiasm among smartphone users to know what features Nothing Phone One has.

After buying Nothing for One, users have found various issues with this phone. However, the company can fix the software-related issues on the Nothing Phone One through updates, but they have to carry a lot of bags with the hardware-related issues.

So let’s know the problems of Nothing Phone 1

Nothing Phone 1

• Showing dead pixels on the side of the selfie camera: Nothing Some users on Phone One have found an issue with the display turning green on one corner of the phone when taking a photo with their selfie camera. The problem has been found among a few users.

So, while buying this phone, definitely check the camera a little better. Nothing phone is officially available in Bangladesh. You can buy the official phone if you want, this will give you a one-year warranty.

• Green tint on display: As I mentioned earlier some users have seen a spot on display in one corner of the display while taking selfie camera pictures. Another major problem with Nothing from One is that some mobiles have green spots on the display while playing games and watching videos. These spots are more visible especially when dark mode is turned on in the phone.

However, this problem has been observed among a small number of users. However, before buying this phone, you must check it carefully.

• Moisture on the back camera module: Although the Nothing phone has received an IP53 rating, some users have noticed moisture or dampness accumulating under the glass cover of the back camera module and its surroundings. This is very important for safety.

So before buying the phone, definitely keep this in mind.

• Dust Problem: Some users of the Nothing Phone One have complained a lot about the dust problem. They replaced their phone from customer care but did not get the issue resolved.

Maybe this problem remains while assembling the phone. So keep this in mind.

• Bluetooth Issue: Another major issue with the Nothing Phone One is the Bluetooth connectivity issue. Some users are unable to find other devices while pairing Bluetooth connections to their phones. This problem is more common when connecting audio Bluetooth devices.

Again, while making a Bluetooth connection on some phones, a warning to restart the phone appears in the phone. Even restarting the phone did not resolve the issue. So this matter should be considered seriously while buying the phone.

• Lagging after unlocking the phone: Some users on Nothing Phone One have experienced lag issues after unlocking the phone. However, this problem has been seen in very few users.

So, while buying Nothing Phone One, you should consider this matter very seriously.

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