Full review of Tecno Spark 7 phone

Hello friends hope all is well In today’s post, I have brought with you a review of a great low-cost Android phone. Our reviewed phone today is the Tecno Spark 7. Tecno Spark 7 Review And you all probably know that Tecno Spark 7 phone was launched in the market of Bangladesh about 3-4 months ago.

So today I came up with a complete Tecno Spark 7 review of that phone.

tecno spark 7

Phone Info Shortly

This phone has been launched in the market with 4 GB RAM and 64 GB storage. The price of this phone is 11,990 BDT which means 12,000 BDT. This phone was originally made by a techno company targeting gamers. This is a joint battery phone. And the battery of the phone is a powerful huge battery of 6000mAh. The back of the phone has a double camera set up. Includes finger print sensor. So in this post we will know about the phone. So let’s start the post.


There are some innovations in the design of the phone. Again, I will not say that everything is completely new or very beautiful. As we have seen in many brands, the name of the company is written in big letters on the rear (back) as well. The name of the company is written in large letters on the rear. However, the rear of the phone has a matte finish which I like. As a result, there is a high probability of not getting any kind of scratch on the rear of the phone. However, the rear tea is made entirely of plastic, which is normal.


The right side of the phone has volume buttons and power on-off buttons. On the left side are the SIM and memory card slots. Completely clean at the top. Nothing was kept here. The bottom has a micro prime port, charging slot, and a 3.5 mm. It has an earphone jack slot. Now a question is where is the speaker?

The speaker of the phone is given just above the selfie camera. This means that speaking / listening speakers can be used in loudspeakers. I don’t like this thing. If the company wanted, it could have a speaker at the bottom with a charging slot at the top or an earphone jack slot.


The phone uses a huge 6000mAh battery. And in the box of the phone you will find a charger of 10 watts. With which this phone took about 3 45+ time to fully charge. But in my opinion, it should have been more than 10 watts. But that’s the good thing about this budget. But hopefully we will get a better time in the future. However, a good thing is that you can get a very good backup from the battery of this phone. You will get back up effortlessly in 2 days. However, if you are a heavy user, you will get about 1 day.


The display of the phone is an LCD panel of 7.5 inch HD + resolution with ppi 270.

The color reflection of this display was good. It is possible to get a lot of brightness in the phone. But it would have been better to have a little more brightness. The phone can be said to be quite good with Touch. However, there is no information about the protection of the display. So my suggestion is to use a skin protection if you have bought this phone


This time the real issue. What a performance gaming has given it. This phone is also called less expensive gaming phone. It is possible to play Pubg HD High Quality on this phone. High graphics Any game can be rammed on this phone. Without any lag. However, if the phone is a little hot during the game, there is a feeling of laggy laggy. However, if you keep the game a little low quality, then it is possible to get good results. Free fire games can be played comfortably without any hassle. So after watching the gaming of the phone, I thought that those who play Pubg / Free Fire will be able to satisfy this phone effortlessly. Heavy UJO phone is not too hot. And at the same time you will get the battery back up very well. This phone can be an ideal phone for those who play games for a long time. Everyone will be satisfied with gaming and performance in this budget.


Let’s talk about the camera. It has 2 cameras in the rear. The 1st camera is 16 mega pixels and the 2nd Ai sensor. And there’s an 8-megapixel camera on the front. There is a flash light just below the camera. However, it is possible to take much better pictures with the main camera. The budget is fine.

So friends, Tecno Spark 7 Review I hope you like today’s post. And if you like the post, please let me know by commenting.

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