Nothing confirms Snapdragon 778G+ chipset for the phone (1)

Nothing Author and CEO Carl Pei is continuing his teaser crusade for the forthcoming Nothing phone( 1), drip-feeding information left and right every many day before the July 12 launch event. the moment he verified that the device is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 778G decoration mid-range SoC.
Nothing phone (1)
This is in fact no surprise since a Nothing phone( 1) prototype was spotted on Geekbench with that exact chipset many days agone, but it’s nice to have the sanctioned evidence. easily, high-end chips have gotten much more precious these days than they were back when Peico-founded OnePlus numerous times agone
. The OnePlus One was suitable to use the stylish SoC of its day while launching for$ 100 lower than the Nothing phone is bruited to. Hashtag affectation.
Nothing says the Snapdragon 778G is” custom-tuned” for the phone( 1), but it does not really explain what that means. This is a familiar commonplace that OnePlus has also used in history, so do not take it too seriously. What is intriguing is that supposedly the”” in” Snapdragon 778G” comes from the support for wireless charging and rear wireless charging.

Nothing says Qualcomm added those features to the SoC just for the phone( 1), which is hard to believe but not insolvable- so far there is no other biases using the Snapdragon 778G or 778G to point to similar functions.
Carl Pei said a lot of effects about why his company chose amid-range chipset for its first phone, including effects like” phones have reached a point of good enough performance for general tasks and more important chips have dwindling returns”. Fair enough, but we are sure he’d have chosen a Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 if it still allowed the Nothing phone( 1) to hit the same price point. Alas, it doesn’t, so Pei went for the coming stylish thing in order to keep the price low( er). And the rest is marketing.

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