Realme C25s Phone Full Review

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Many of us may be trying to buy a new phone, but we have a lot of problems with what to buy or not to buy. So today I am going to review a low-cost good phone of Realm Company to solve some of your problems. So let’s start today’s phone review without delay.

Realme C25s Phone Full Review


Phone name: Realme C25s
Company: Realme
Model: C25s
Storage: 64 GB
Official price: ৳14,490 only

So, friends, we got some information about the phone. So let’s take a look at the review.


This Realme C25s phone was launched 1 month ago. After a long time, Realme Company’s phone was launched in our country’s market. This phone is designed to target those who want to play gaming on a low budget. And we know that Realme companies always make phones targeting gamers. This phone has been launched in 2 variants. One is 4GB RAM and 64GB storage and the other is 4GB RAM and 128 storage. These two variants have been launched in the Bangladesh market. The 4GB RAM and 64GB storage variant of the phone is currently priced at ৳ 14,490 which means ৳ 15,000. Realme C25s Phone Full Review.

However, if you buy a 4/64 GB phone from the drawer, you will get ৳13,490, which means a ৳1000 discount. So this is a less expensive gaming phone, for whom it is good and for whom it is bad, I will discuss with you today. Realme C25s Phone Full Review.

Box Content

I first started with box content. That means what’s in the phone box.
♦Realme C25s Smart Phone
♦16-watt charger
♦User Manual Book
♦Phone Cover

Phone Width

This phone is very tough and is quite expensive. Which weighs 209 grams. The phone is a bit thick. The phone is thick because it has a 6000mAh battery. Due to which the phone has to look a little thick. But you will get used to this phone very soon.


The rear panel of the phone is made of a full plastic build and this is normal. A no different design was seen on the rear panel of the phone. Just like before. However, the rear panel of the phone is very strong. After that, I will have a suggestion that you can buy a phone cover.

Phone Side

Like normal phones, this phone has volume buttons and power on-off buttons on the right side. And according to the hand, it is in the right place. And on the left side, we see SIM and memory slot. The top of the phone is kept very clean. There is no such thing. At the bottom is a 3.5 mm earphone jack, micro, charging line and speakers. I think everything is here according to the budget. On the back, we will notice that there is a Three Camera Setup on the left side and there is a fingerprint sensor just below it. And I think this sensor is very fast. And it has a face detector system. Which was giving a fairly good service. The glass of this phone means that no information has been found on the type of glass used on the screen. Realme C25s Phone Full Review. So my suggestion is you can use glass protection on the screen. However, it can be said that it is right according to the budget. But I think it would have been better if the upper part had been matte finish like the rear.


Now let’s talk about the display. This phone has a 6.5 inch IPS HD + display. This is an HD display. Its brightness is fairly good. This display can be accepted according to this budget. But the company could have given better if it wanted. It would have been nice to see the phone.

However, the display is quite good results from this. Again, its brightness is not too bad. And the display touch system is also very good. However, in this budget, everything is fine according to this display.


Realme C25s has been launched in Bangladesh with 4GB RAM and 64GB storage. The processor is Helio G85 Gaming Processor. The operating system is Android 11. This processor is not new at all. This processor has been used in many phones before. But this processor has a very good result in terms of gaming. And also gives good performance in regular work. However, heavy use may cause some lag.


This time the real issue. What a performance gaming has given it. This phone is made for games. It is possible to play Pubg HD High Quality on this phone. High graphics Any game can be rammed on this phone. Without any lag. However, if the phone is a little hot during the game, there is a feeling of laggy. However, if you keep the game a little low quality, then it is possible to get good results. Free fire games can be played comfortably without any hassle. So after watching the gaming of the phone, I thought that those who play Pubji / Free Fire will be able to satisfy this phone effortlessly. The heavy phone is not too hot. And at the same time, you will get the battery back up very well. This phone can be an ideal phone for those who play games for a long time. Everyone will be satisfied with gaming and performance in this budget.


The phone has 3 cameras set up. The 3 cameras are 13, 2, 2 megapixels respectively and come with a flashlight. So I think the camera could be a little better. The camera of the phone will give a fairly good result. However, Ahmari will not give any result. Moreover, the cameras could have been better.


The phone has a 6000mAh battery. Which will give you a very good backup. The phone has a 16-watt charger in the box. Its battery backup is awesome in a word. Even if you are a heavy user, you can easily spend 2 days. As the battery is large, it will take 2-3 hours to charge.

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