Vivo Y Series New Smartphone Y15s

The younger generation has always been fascinated by Vivo Y series smartphones, an international smartphone maker. The Y series comes with excellent camera features, a visually appealing design, and a long-lasting battery.
Vivo will bring the brand new smartphone from the Y series to markets this time. Vivo Y15S will launch soon. As with the other Vivo phones, the Y15S is expected to have great style. Suitable for young people. It is believed that this model comes with two cameras that are equipped using Artificial Intelligence technology.

vivo Y15s

Based on Vivo Bangladesh’s Facebook post the camera’s main sensor will be 13 millimeters. It will include an ultra-macro 2-megapixel camera. The focus is on an area of 4 centimeters. Vivo Y15S is a plethora of features in features like Panorama, Face Beauty, Time-Lapse, Pro Mode. The Vivo Y15S is designed for young people who are tech-savvy and are looking to stay on top of the latest technology in smartphones. It has a great camera and long-lasting charging capabilities.

It is widely known that the camera for selfies of Vivo’s Y15S can produce bright images even in dim light. It’s stunning with real-time fill light effects after you have taken the picture. The best images are possible in any lighting using this camera. After the photo is taken, the warm light makes the photo stunning by itself. The picture is enhanced with the Bokeh portrait. Utilizing the technique of computational photography the cinematic bokeh feature will provide a new experience with photography on smartphones. Portraits will feature a unique characteristic of the subject in the photo separating as opposed to the background.

the battery of the Vivo Y15S is more powerful. This means that users don’t need to be concerned about running out of battery while playing with their phones. Users can enjoy films at any time they wish or play games with no worry of running out the battery.

There are reports that the model will feature reverse charging capabilities. This implies this Vivo Y15S can function as a power bank, as also the phone. Some other smartphones may also charge via this.

The Vivo Y15S is expected to feature an integrated side-mounted fingerprint scanner. The display’s resolution is going to be fantastic. Side-mounted fingerprint technology lets the phone unlock within just a blink.

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